How Russian conscripts celebrate homecoming (VIDEO)

Ekaterina Yagel/TASS
The various Russian military divisions have a blast with these homecoming rituals before returning to their loved ones. Check ‘em out!

There are various ways of celebrating the day of homecoming from the Armed Forces. Yet, each military structure has its own tradition that every conscript follows.

For example, Airborne Special Operations conscripts leave their military units as a squad, commemorating their time there with a display of physical prowess.  

Meanwhile, some Airborne conscripts discharged separately have to ‘jump out of military life’. Here’s how that weird exercise looks…

People who defended the country’s borders in the Russian fleet ‘tear apart’ their military past, thus re-entering the world as a newborn civilian. They run toward their future. 

Others just ‘slide off’ into their new lives where their families await them.

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