Moscow’s contrasts are incredible and here's the proof (PHOTOS)

Anton Belitskiy
In the Russian capital, Byzantine-style churches meet hi-tech architecture and gingerbread houses pose against business centers - the city is a melting pot of diverse architecture.

1. Remaining bell tower of Golovinsky Monastery (built in the 1880s, destroyed in the 1930s) in the north of Moscow

2. The Old Believers’ church of St. Nicholas (1914-1921), surrounded by the buildings of the White Square Office Center (2011), Tverskaya Street, Moscow.

3. The “floating bridge” in Moscow’s Zaryadye Park (2017) set against the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building (1952)

4. The Moscow Kremlin (14th century) set against Moscow’s International Business Center “Moscow City” (2010s)

5. The “floating bridge” in Moscow’s Zaryadye Park (2017) and a view of St. Basil’s Cathedral (mid-16th century) on Red Square

6. Temple of Alexis (1853) and some Moscow apartment buildings (1980s)

7. Temple of Simeon Stylites (1676) on Povarskaya Street and apartment buildings (1962 - 1968)

8. Residential house of P. Fedorov (after 1812) on Malyi Vlas’evsky lane surrounded by 1970s apartment buildings

9. Mixed epochs and styles in the center of Moscow (view from Malyi Vlas’evsky lane towards Novy Arbat Street)

10. Belltower of the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Butyrskaya sloboda (17th century) against 20th-century factory buildings

11. Belltower of the Church of St. Nicholas (1905) among residential buildings on Dolgorukovskaya Street

12. Shkolnaya Street, 19th century buildings and 1970s apartments

13. Shkolnaya Street and the Golden Gate business center

14. Shkolnaya Street

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