Russian fall through the Instagram lens (PHOTOS)

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Fallen leaves, golden parks and flaming sunsets - here’s what the most picturesque season of the year looks like in Russia.

Taking a photo with yellow leaves is a must-do for everyone. 

No Instagram fall collection is ever complete without you showering yourself with leaves in a Jesus pose. 

Fall is a great way to show off your new shoes as you shop your post-summer blues away.

Don't forget to collect a nice bouquet 

Save a leaf and put it in a book to remember the golden day as you’re freezing under a collection of blankets on a cold winter’s night.

Autumn is a perfect reason to go for a walk in the park 

And grab the neediest of your friends (because everyone else had “plans”)

And the city center celebrates the last days of sun as it braces for grey skies and the arrival of the first snow.

Last warm occasion to visit your dacha. In two or three weeks, you’ll need vodka to survive it.

And until the water freezes, drink it! (this one is for the dogs… unless you’re a weirdo).

Russian poets used to associate fall with a sensation of dying. It's time for philosophical thoughts and train journeys. 

But above all, don’t forget to enjoy the season for what it is.

And spam your own phone. 

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