The ‘mystical realism’ of everyday Vladivostok (PHOTOS)

Denis Korobov/@korobov_denis
Photographers living on the edge of the world feel the space and colors in a different way.

One of the most famous street photographers of Vladivostok, Denis Korobov captures the unofficial side of the city you want to see on postcards and travel websites. According to him, his favorite genre is mystical realism. “The photograph is a mirror that reflects our world,” he says. 

Denis started his photographic journey nine years ago, when he was 20. Since then he has changed a couple of cameras and has already held several solo exhibitions in Vladivostok and Moscow. 

He offers the spectator a Vladivostok full of unpredictably bright colors and displays a range of meaningful still-life pictures. His Vladivostok is about forgotten old toys, cats taking rest inside of plastic bottles, as well as the unexpected contrast and drama present in everyday scenes and household items.

1. On a stake

2. Cat

3. Linen

4. Drying

5. Clocks

6. Nevalyashka the doll

7. Fruits

8. Dovecot

9. 'Predictions'

10. Roof

11. Panther

12. Greenery

13. Egersheld neighborhood

14. Gagarin

15. Kungasny Cape

One can see Denis Korobov’s works at the exhibition ‘Far Focus. Photographers of Vladivostok’ at the Zarya Center for Contemporary Art until May 17, 2020.

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