5 life hacks using VODKA

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You know nothing about Russia if you think vodka is only good for drinking.

One of Russia’s most recognizable beverages, Vodka, is not even its truly national drink. Yet, Vodka is a true folk remedy for countless problems Russians encounter on a daily basis. Here are the most common ways Russians use vodka - besides drinking, of course!

Disclaimer: Although the listed health methods can be effective and may help in extreme situations, they should never be considered a substitute for qualified medical help.

1. To drop high body temperature

High body temperature can be dangerous. In the absence of an ambulance, qualified medical help or prescribed medications, vodka can be a lifesaver. Just rub it on the shoulders, chest and armpits of a patient using a sponge and let it dry. This is a proven method to temporarily lower body temperature, which could be critical in some cases.

2. To fresh up clothes

Vodka helps neutralize the stench of clothes that require laundry. In case you don’t have an opportunity to wash your worn down shirt (say, if you’re on a business trip in a remote part of Siberia or if your house is unexpectedly cut off from water supply), just mix ¼ of vodka with ¾ of water and spray it on your shirt. The same method can be applied for freshening your shoes. Leave the clothes or shoes outside to dry and remove the smell of alcohol and you are all set for next morning’s meeting. 

3. To soothe insects bites

Bites of gadflies, fleas and especially mosquitoes may trigger allergic and toxic reactions causing swelling and itchiness. If your overall condition is okay and you do not suffer from a severe allergic reaction, itching can be dealt away with vodka. Apply it on a cotton swab and rub the area of the bite. Vodka should disinfect the wound and reduce itching.

4. To disinfect anything

Vodka can also be used as a disinfectant. You can rub your hands with it to kill viruses and bacterias before breaking bread in the wild. If there is no special medications available, vodka can be a lifesaver when it comes to disinfecting small cuts and wounds. Beware that disinfecting wounds with vodka is considered an outdated method and some medical workers do not recommend doing it under normal circumstances. However, in the absence of proper medical supplies, vodka can help a lot, as it’s much better to disinfect a wound with vodka, than to leave it exposed in a non-sterile environment.

5. To clean windows

Running short on cleaning chemicals to wash windows? Use vodka. Moisture soft wipes with vodka and wash your windows. You can also use vodka to clean glasses. The method is proven as the spirit cleans dirt and dries fast without leaving a trace of alcohol smell. In the old days, Russians even used vodka to clean computer screens. In fact, this method still works!

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