What is 'THE SENSE OF HOME' for different ethnicities of Russia? (PHOTOS)

Yulia Nevskaya / All the photos courtesy of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
Old believers and Buddhists, mountaineers and shamans - Russian photographers have breathtakingly captured how different people live in Russia.

Kyzyl, Tyva Republic. Shaman Zoya at work (Photo from the ‘Shamans of Kyzyl’ series)

Lebyazhe village, Leningrad Region. Fishing boat (from the ‘Lebyazhie - village of boatmen’ series)

Lebyazhe village, Leningrad Region. A boatman’s house (from the ‘Lebyazhie - village of boatmen’ series)

Kuznechnoye village, Leningrad Region. Kiiskilä Manor, Mill (from the ‘Keepers of Finnish houses’ series)

Yurt-Akbalyk village, Novosibirsk Region. Children’s Leisure Time (from the ‘White Fish House’ series)

Plekhanovo village, Tula Region. Gypsy Wedding (from the ‘Baro kher (Big House)’ series)

Omsk Region. Beshbarmak (traditional Kazakh dish) 

City of Vereya, Moscow Region. Sergey Yamshchikov, parishioner of an Old Believer church (from the ‘Old Believers proved to be more stubborn than Communists’ series)

Mozzhinka settlement, Moscow Region. Family (from the ‘Life at Home’ series)

Kostroma. “There is no one else but God alone” (from the ‘Community’ series)

Tuva Republic. Bayyr-ool Alash-ool Khaimeroolovich (from the ‘My Big Russia, My Beloved - Siberia’ series)

Komi Republic. Children playing in the tundra (from the ‘Tundra Everyday Life’ series)

North Ossetia. Tombstones, Digorskoe Gorge (from the ‘Architecture of Memory’ series)

Taimyr Peninsula, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Angelina Venga with children (from the ‘People of the Tundra’ series)

Khar-Buluk village, Republic of Kalmykia. Photo from ‘My home is my khurul’ series

The ‘Sense of Home’ exhibition will be held at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow from July 25 to October 30, 2022.

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