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At Home
At Home is a joint project by RBTH Travel and Siberia: Joining the Dots based on the stories of native and transplanted Siberians. Here they will talk about the different concepts of "home" throughout the region, while inviting us into the places where they quietly and comfortably live and work. We will visit them in their homes and discuss the architecture and culture of everyday life in Siberia, all the while trying to understand what binds people to the land that they inhabit. We hope that our project will help travelers from all over the world acquire a deeper and broader understanding of our terra incognita – our Siberia.
Siberia makes up an enormous part of Russia, where each and every region is akin to its own planet with a distinct history and mythology, culture and traditions, landscape and climate. And, of course, the most attractive stories for us in Siberia are the human tales hidden behind the doors – large and small alike – of the many types of structures that dot the landscape. Despite the fact that Russia's complicated 20th-century history influenced the architectural faces of towns and villages beyond the Urals and radically altered the way of life of nomadic indigenous peoples, many Siberians live not only in Stalin- and Khrushchev-era structures, but also in unassuming huts in the middle of the taiga forest, in gorgeous wooden architectural monuments in large cities, as well as in tents and in yurts.
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Text by Anna Gruzdeva.
Edited by Joe Crescente.
Design and layout by Yulia Shandurenko.
Images credits: Anton Petrov, Ivan Zuikov / Siberia: Joining the dots, Shutterstock, Photoxpress.

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