A walk in the clouds

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and its buildings have been seen and photographed a million times. But there is another option to see the city: the rooftops provide great spots to enjoy a better view of St. Petersburg's cityscape.

Palace Square (Dvortsovaya Ploshchad), view from the roof of the Winter Palace
A roofer and the star of the Leningrad Trade House
The Peter and Paul Fortress
Kazansky Cathedral. The right wing of the cathedral is temporarily under scaffolding, which allowed the photographer to climb to the very top
The roof of the Vavelberg House
City Institutions Building
City Institutions Building
View from the roof of Cathedral Mosque
The roof of the Eliseyev Stores
Pribaltiiskaya Square and Park Inn Hotel
The Peter and Paul Fortress and the Palace Embankment
The Arch of the General Staff on Palace Square
Dome of the Zinger company house (known as the Book House)
Because of the invasion of roofers and ordinary passers-by, all the doors to the attic of the Book House have been sealed and the occupants  put up watchmen at the windows, who sometimes even shoot at intruders
Kazansky Cathedral, Book House and the Church of the Saviour on Blood
The roof of the Winter Palace
St Isaac’s Cathedral colonnade
View from the dome of St Isaac’s
The Winter Palace at dawn. The building was designed by Italian architect Rastrelli and built in 1754-1762
Vasilyevsky Island, Rostral Columns, Kunstkamer and "Alye Parusa" ship
Samsoniyev Bridge
Stachek Square, Neva Triumph Arc
"Five corners”, an intersection between Zagorodny Prospekt and Rubinstein and Lomonosov Streets, dating back to the 1760s
Tower House on “Five Corners” built by architect L.A. Lishnevsky in 1913. Among its residents were the writer Lidia Chukovskaya and physicist M.P. Bronshtein. The poet Anna Akhmatova was their frequent guest
St Petersburg at dawn
Sculpture of the goddess Nika on the roof of the building of the St Petersburg Mutual Credit Society

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