Moscow sees space carnival

The eccentric celebration of The International Day of Human Space Flight took place on the banks of Moskva River on 12 April 2012.

Video: Elena Potapova
Music: "Neboslov" band

For the second year running, Moscovites are marking Cosmonauts’ Day with a colourful art procession under the slogan: “For Aviation and Space Exploration! For the Dream!”

Last year, such improvised art processions to mark the 50th anniversary of the first manned spaceflight were held in Moscow, St Petersburg and Saratov, drawing about a thousand participants. They included performing groups, non-governmental organisations and just people who care about the future of Russia’s science and culture.

Such events usually carry the spirit of the 1960s. Imitation space suits, jubilant faces, flowers, portraits of Gagarin, Korolyov and Tsiolkovsky… Most of the participants feel as if they belong to that great era or as if they were visitors from the distant cosmic future, heralds of other worlds and civilisations.

“Our event on 12 April has nothing to do with supporting or opposing any Orange Revolution. This time, we are declaring a moratorium on political strife and inviting people of every persuasion to join our art procession. For us, the Cosmonauts’ Day parade is a celebration of brotherhood and love.

We are “for” development of science and technology, “for” respect for scientists and engineers, “for” modernisation and reindustrialisation of Russia, and “for” development of our aviation and space exploration”, the organisers of the carnival say.

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