Cruises on the Volga river attract new tourists (PHOTOS)

Nizhny Novgorod is situated where the Oka and Volga rivers converge.
Moscow's North River Terminal is the starting point for cruises on the Volga.
Industrial machinery shows the river's past and present contributions to the economy.
A WWII patrol boat has become a magnet for newlyweds, who tie ribbons to the boat's screw as a symbol of their love.
The cruise passes through many old docks and river ports.
Garish mooring ropes add a touch of color to the experience.
Those that have the energy can climb the hill in Gorodets for a view over the river.
Tourists can watch as other river users go about their business.
Plios is a sleepy town with a laidback attitude and plenty of greenery.
There is a newly constructed handicrafts district in Gorodets.
Passionate about the past; one of Myshkin's craftsmen explains the finer art of sowing.
Russia's artistic heritage is displayed through beautifully crafted buildings.
Engravers in Gorodets are true masters of their profession.
The Myshkin mascot appears everywhere, even on top of decorative posts.
Even youngsters are recruited to the task of reconstructing old Russia.
Actors in Myshkin try to convince tourists that time stands still there.
New visitors to Cheboksary are welcomed by a statue of a woman dressed in traditional Chuvash clothes. The Chuvash are the second biggest nationality of the region after Russians.
The city of Cheboksary has a helicopter in its square to commemorate the war in Chechnya.
Passing through shipping locks offers tourists picturesque views and a memorable experience.

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