Folk box: The Udmurt folk

The people we are going to tell you about are quite remarkable. The Udmurt people, who live in the foothills of the Urals. They dub these people “the golden-haired folk”. This is no metaphor. As experts say, these people have the highest in the world ratio of red-haired folk! EvenoutstrippingtheCeltsinthis! And what surmise does this lead to? Red-haired folk are a lot the same the world over: good-natured and kind, yet with a strong character! The Udmurt people have a disarming smile and blue eyes, resemble Europeans, but for the cheekbones distinctly pointing to their connection with the Mongoloid peoples…

However, if we set out to look for the ancient roots of these people (that came into being in the 1st century BC) – we will find it’s quite a concoction!

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