EIMIC - "Sleepwalking" (MUSIC VIDEO)

Song: "Sleepwalking"
Lyrics and music: Everything Is Made in China 

Everything Is Made in China or Eimic is a Russian indietronica band formed in 2005 in Moscow. The musicians are Max Fedorov (vocals, lead guitar and percussion) Phil Premyak (bass guitar and keyboards) and Alex Zotov (drums).

Their music is strongly influenced by Mogwai, Broken Social Scene, The Most Serene Republic, Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins. It contains minimalistic melodies dressed with experimental vocals and electronic and instrumental samples in a manner of Sigur Rós.

Eimic sings in English. However, they claim that they do not emphasize on lyrics.

The debut album "4" was recorded at Chemical Sound Studios in Toronto, Ontario, and was finally released in summer 2007. Supported by an internet campaign this album received good feed back and laid foundation to numerous successful concerts in Russia. Moreover, Eimic have participated in the Open’er Festival-2008 in Gdynia, Poland.

Rolling Stone magazine qualified Eimic as the most promising Russian post-rock band.

Song's lyrics:

I was late,

I was late

All roads were closed.

Last chapter,

Last chapter

Becomes the first.

Catch all your phrases,

Try to get in to your world.

We hold the secret, we hold the secret

That we'll never know.

How far we're going to, we'll disappear in time.

You're so close,

You're so close

Can hear your scent.

Trembling words,

Trembling words

That we can't spell.

Flame of lost stars,

Flame of lost stars

Through your eyes.

No need to speak,

No need to speak

Cross the line.

And you were sad, nothing is real,

All the tracks, beneath our feat.

Now we're alone, leap in the dark.

We can't replay.

We can't replay.

Night flowers fields, conceal us.

No need to stay.

No need to stay.

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