Gagarin Grooves: Ambient is shaking up the Russian airwaves. Slava, a Muscovite and Dasha, who has a Serbian and Cuban background, broadcast combination of the most interesting Russian music –– as contradictory and different as the country itself. From Mongolian jazz to taiga techno, from Moscow electronica to Kamchatka tango, it’s still all Russia.

Russian summer is in full swing: in Sochi people swim in the sea, nothern hunters have changed sleds for wheeled transport, the fishermen from eastern islands don’t make ice-holes anymore, Yakuts from Oimyakon get out to the street - it’s finally 0 degrees. In Moscow people pull out their deck chairs and wet feet in Moscow River, sipping a cool birch sap. Music of July is abstract ambient, which can be heard at every step, if you walk through the city center.


BMB & AfriManik Soul - DIME

I Tone - Need

OL - Gameplay

Thallus - When Something Appears To Help You

Glenn Astro - 138

Long Arm - When We Fall (Krts Remix)

Jo Twist - Bubble Rain

Feyorz - Meet Me On Mars

Fiji - Ocean In My Head

Nienvox - Violet Mood

Long Arm - When Children Sleep

OL - Memory Mist

Sumeo - Tea, Vynil, Midnight

СВ хутор - В ожидании Барбекю

Valotihkuu - Viole

СВ хутор- Paradise Aul

СВ хутор-  Камиль,  камон

СВ хутор- Бодрость и веселье

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