Gagarin Grooves: Summer music is shaking up the Russian airwaves. Slava, a Muscovite and Dasha, who has a Serbian and Cuban background, broadcast combination of the most interesting Russian music –– as contradictory and different as the country itself. From Mongolian jazz to taiga techno, from Moscow electronica to Kamchatka tango, it’s still all Russia.

Ambient music is a suitable soundtrack for any kind of summer activities. You may take a rest on a river side, playing frisbee with your friends, you may ride a bike through a bloomy meadow, finally, you may recover after a long working day, lying in a bath. Let these soft unobtrusive beats occupy your mind instead of your everyday worries.


01. Echo Gardens - Step

02. Palms On Fire - Simple Perfect Life

03. Night Dew Call - Beach

04. Palms On Fire - Birds In A Supermarket

05. Motorama - Wind In Her Hair

06. Echo Gardens - Paparapa

07. Nienvox - Spontaneous Movement

08. Rare Plants Garden - Reflections

09. Jo Twist - Flora Of LA

10. Funkyjaws - I Love

11. KLIM Beats - Nightly Trip

12. BMB & AfriManik Soul - Flowers For Her (Interlude)

13. Nienvox - More Scenes At The Sea

14. Echo Gardens - No Way

15. Night Dew Call - Fiancee

16. СВ хутор - Paradise Aul

17. D Pulse - Velocity Of Love (Original Mix)

18. Valotihkuu - Viole

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