Gagarin Grooves: Nu-jazz is shaking up the Russian airwaves. Slava, a Muscovite and Dasha, who has a Serbian and Cuban background, broadcast combination of the most interesting Russian music –– as contradictory and different as the country itself. From Mongolian jazz to taiga techno, from Moscow electronica to Kamchatka tango, it’s still all Russia.

Due to our climate, russian summer usually starts in june and ends in july. August is regarded as a prelude to the autumn with its grim mornings and rainy evenings. The last edition devoted to russian electronic music and particularly nu-jazz and instrumetal hip-hop is at your disposal. Seize the last chance to enjoy summer carelessness and legerity with us.

01. OL - Give Up
02. A Good One - Q
03. Malefique - In The Air
04. Foner - Stars
05. A Good One - W
06. Malefique - Music In The Night
07. Fiji - One Of Girlfriends Stories
08. Nienvox - Crosslights
09. Funkyjaws - Jazzy
10. Space Kid - Likeubrowneyes
11. 813 - TV News
12. OL - Brice
13. Glenn Astro - Albion
14. Feyorz - Amore (A.B.S.T.R.A. Atmospheric Remix)
15. Four Walls - Apsolut
16. SCSI9 - Vesna, Lastic & Elliott
17. Sistra - Revolving In You (Gosprom Remix)

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