Gagarin grooves: Glitch is shaking up the Russian airwaves. Slava, a Muscovite and Dasha, who has a Serbian and Cuban background, broadcast combination of the most interesting Russian music –– as contradictory and different as the country itself. From Mongolian jazz to taiga techno, from Moscow electronica to Kamchatka tango, it’s still all Russia.

Mix of ambient, glitch, dub-tech melodies of nowadays russian artists produced for by dj and musiciant Yuka (Irina Solobutova).


1. Deep Secrets of the Vault - Deep Haki aka Sergey Pekkarev

2. z 00008 - Andrei 0id & Zemfira 

3. Snow Fox - Yuka aka Irina Solobutova 

4. Page 31 - Dasha Rush - RA: Dasha Rush - Page 31 on Hunger to create

5. Gossypium - Andrei 0id 

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