Pompeya - "Slow" (MUSIC VIDEO)

It’s light and swelling pop, the stuff of sunny open fields and cool breezes. Maybe that’s why no one can get their heads around the fact that they’re Russians playing good music. Some people might have expected something a little more intense.

The trio formed and recorded their first single “Check” in 2007. Since then they’ve quickly become one of the the most popular indie acts in Moscow. Then the second single "Traveller" was released. POMPEYA released their full-length album "Tropical" in 2011. Right now they’re about to support English synthpop duo Hurts on that group’s Russian tour, and they’re working on their debut album. We think you’ll be hearing a lot more from them fairly soon.

Band members:

Daniil Brod (vocal, guitar)

Denis Agafonov (bass guitar)

Nairi Simonyan (drums)

Sasha Lipsky (keyboards)


You knocked me down
To bring me one night one night 
Singing this slow
To bring me one sign one sign
Call me

This is all so new 
I haven't looked back looked back
You are my excuse
I hear in this track this track

Just give me one time to think it over
Just give me one day till we lose it
Just leave me I need to get closer
And give me one time till we go

Another day 'nother day  'nother day can rise again
Don't cast away
Don't drive me insane
And see the light in my heart and  soak it up
You're the only one to know 
Another day 'nother day  'nother day can rise again
Please dance to wall to walk your walk
And do my heart and take me in

You knocked me down
To bring you one night one night
Heaven kneels down
I look up surprised
In the sky
Please don't lock your soul from the goodness 
Give me one call
So I can muse this
Don't make me high
From the weakness
To find that your love's been hard to hold
Another day 'nother day  'nother day can rise again
Don't drift away
Don't come in to play
Trying to move my heart
Won't hide away
You will be pleased to know 

And it's feeling of your waist
Make a move on privacy
Make understand we're more than good friends
Come and sew my heart
Find a child in me
Let's have a good time

It's you that I wanted to 
It's you that I wanted to 

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