A Russian Hogwarts: Ded Moroz School opens in Moscow

The Moscow City Centre for Children’s Arts has turned into Ded Moroz School for a month. Ded Moroz is a Russian fictional character, similar to Santa Claus, who brings presents to children on New Year’s Eve. Film and stage directors, make-up artists, actors, composers, psychologists teach the students to pull the Ded Moroz look with confidence, to talk to kids. Students will finish their training with exams, after which they will receive certificates in New Year events management from the Moscow Institute of Open Learning.

Actors playing Ded Moroz are in great demand over the festival, which lasts until the Russian Christmas (celebrated on January 7) is over. Companies hire them to entertain their employees or promote products. Despite the opportunity to earn good money, the spirit of goodwill lives on with Ded Moroz. Some people work for free. 

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