New Year Retro? Balalike it!

For those who don’t think that Russian music ends with the last accord of balalaika we would like to present our new audio-podcast devoted to the Russian music. We invite you to a promising journey beyond the headlines and prejudices. And it’s up to you to decide whether you like it or even... balalike it.

In every country, in every culture, there is a certain number of songs, strongly associated with Christmas & New Year. Usually on the eve of winter holidays people meet with  their families, cook something traditional, look family photos and listen to some good old songs: Last Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, Magic Moments, All I want for Christmas is you and etc. 

Russians also have a first-aid kit of tracks, that immediately improve your mood and give this miraculous feeling of coming Christmas & New Year.

First of all here is V lesu rodilas' jolochka (The forest raised a Christmass tree) as well-known and beloved among Russians as Jingle Bells in the English-speaking nations. Written by Raisa Kudasheva and Leo Beckmann in the beginning of 1900s, it is probably the main Russian New Year song. The rest nine tracks are also in the winter tune.


1. Georgiy Vinogradov & Choir - V lesu rodilas' jolochka (В лесу родилась ёлочка)
2. Aida Vedischeva - Pesenka o medvedyakh (Песенка о медведях)
3. Aida Vedischeva - V'juga (Въюга)
4. Aida Vedischeva - Kolibelnaya (Колыбельная)
5. VIA Samotsvety - Sneg kruzhitsa (Снег кружится)
6. VIA Samotsvety - Uvezu tebya ya v tundru (Увезу тебя я в тундру)
7. Valentina Tolkunova - Kabi ne bilo zimi (Кабы не было зимы)
8. Ludmila Gurchenko - 5 minut (5 минут)
9. Eduard Khil' (also known as Mister Trololo) - Zima (Зима)
10. Eduard Khil' (also known as Mister Trololo) - Tri belikh konya (Три белых коня)

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