Electronic dance music? Balalike it!

For those who don’t think that Russian music ends with the last accord of balalaika we would like to present our new audio-podcast devoted to the contemporary Russian music. The aim is to show the great diversity of Russian musicians, performing in various genres from jazz to experimental trip-hop. Some of the artists are much influenced by western culture, others try to develop and promote authentic Russian sound and mainly Russian lyrics.

We invite you to a promising journey beyond the headlines and prejudices. And it’s up to you to decide whether you like it or even... balalike it.

In this edition: Electronic dance music .


1. DJ M.E.G feat. Karina Koks - Only You

2. DJ M.E.G feat. Sergey Lazarev - Moscow To California

3. Polina Griffits - Feeling this Way

4. Polina Griffits - Justice Of Love

5. Polina Griffits - SOS

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