Coubs of the week: weird passengers on the Moscow Metro

A web service called Coub, created by Russian IT developers Anton and Igor Gladkoborodov, helps to create loop videos up to 10 seconds long with a soundtrack. It allows old and new videos to be seen from a new angle and to find a new meaning in it. Once a week, RBTH selects the best coubs that depict Russian reality from a different perspective.

You’ve probably heard that the Moscow Metro is the most beautiful in the world. But have you ever heard anything about the passengers who use it everyday? Well, it's better to see once than hear a hundred times.

Let's start with someone who doesn't really look like a human being. He doesn't even have a face.

There aren’t many skyscrapers in Moscow, so Spider-Man prefers to travel underground.

Spider-Man is not the only celebrity you can meet in the Moscow Metro. Here’s a local Eminem.

On the topic of musicians, here’s one more. It's doubtful he’s famous, ... 

... but he has a dancing crowd.

Who says you need wheels to travel underground?

The doors are closing. Be careful and mind the guy.

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