Coubs of the week: Amazing animals

Funny animals living in Russia

It's been a new week and a new selection of Coubs. This one is about animals living in Russia.

Welcome to the wild, wild East, where people ride boars instead of stallions.

In Russia bears accompany you to the supermarket.

And they sure can dance...when nobody's watching!

If you’re a cat, impossible is nothing.

Sometimes it's impossible to understand what animal is in front of you. Is it a sheep or a dog?

No one in Russia has forgotten Michael Jackson’s first performance here in 1993 — not even animals.

And this furry dancer is no exception.

Hollywood movies too have left a huge impression on Russians. Terminator is one of the most popular movies of all time in Russia, not only among people.

You've heard about capoeira — a martial art that includes elements of dance? We have our own dance fighting too.

Does this cat remind you of someone? Well, it's you watching this selection of Coubs.

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