Steamed cod fish by Sergey Yeroshenko

Today's special guest is Sergey Yeroshenko, the chef of the Chestnaya Kukhnya restaurant

Today's special guest is Sergey Yeroshenko, the chef of the Chestnaya Kukhnya (Honest Kitchen) restaurant, Moscow.

Yeroshenko is the president of the national selection jury for the internationally renowned culinary competition Bocuse d'Or, which will be held in Moscow this summer, in the framework of the restaurant festival “Taste of Moscow”.

Finally, he is one of 13 ambassadors chosen to represent Russia at Expo Milano 2015, which takes place every five years and has become a global ‘window’ through which to observe the scientific and cultural achievements of participating countries. Each Expo is organized around a universal theme, and the next one, due to be held in Milan, will take on the subject of food.

The white, mild flavored flesh of cod is available throughout the year and easily adaptable to all methods of cooking. For this issue of Delicious TV Sergey Yeroshenko cooked steamed cod fish from Murmansk (North of Russia) with sauteed leeks.

How to do it?

1) Steam the cod fillet.

2) Then cut the leek and saute it a bit with milk and spices.

3) On the other pan fry some tomatoes with squash or zucchini and olives, and whatever you have on hand.

4) Put the cod on top of your sauteed leek and refresh it with the other vegetables.

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