Expats making Moscow a better looking place at subbotniks

Foreigners took part in traditional spring clean-ups

Expats from all over the world living in Moscow gathered this Saturday in Novodevichiy Park near Novodevichiy Monastery in the Russian capital. Now is the time for traditional spring clean-ups, known in Russian as subbotniki from the word subbota (Saturday).

Nearly 100 parks in Moscow were cleaned this day by volunteers. Everyone could participate, including native Muscovites and foreigners. People raked leaves, cleaned trash, painted fences and planted flowers. There was an entertainment program as well, including dancing, live music, street food, a book exchange and lots of fun.

For the Americans who took part, it turned out not to be their first such clean-up.

"No matter wether it's clean or dirty, it's always nice to get a chance to get together and have a nice afternoon with everyone working together towards a common goal", says participant of subbotnik Imanni Burg.

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