Beautiful Faces: India through the eyes of a Russian artist

Abu, oil on canvas, 2013

Abu, oil on canvas, 2013

Press Photo
‘Beautiful Faces,’ an exhibition by Russian artist Olga Konorova is being held at the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow.

Olga Konorova has been traveling across India for the last 6 years. ‘Beautiful Faces’ is a collection of portraits from her travels in the country.  

Woman from nomadic tribe in Kashmir mountains, 2013Woman from nomadic tribe in Kashmir mountains, 2013. Source: Press Photo

Konorova first visited India in 2009. The tropical vegetation, contrasting landscapes, bustling markets, and spicy food amazed her.

Grandmother from Lamayuru, 2015. Source: Press Photo

“When you visit a country for the first time everything is impressive, but it is unclear how to play with all that,” Konorova told RBTH.

Tibetan calendar, 2015. Source: Press Photo

She has been painting portraits of Indian people since 2013. Wonderful boy from Sonmarg, 2013. Source: Press Photo

“I feel people are both the subject and object of the culture of any country,” Konorova said.

Abu, 2013. Source: Press Photo

“Indian people are beautiful. They often have a naïve yet elegant expression on their faces,” Konorova added. “Faces, especially the eyes, are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden.”
Two from Baltal, 2014. Source: Press Photo

She met people in different cities and villages, exploring their way of life, traditions and folk art.

 Fruit saleswoman from Karnataka, 2013. Source: Press Photo

Konorova loves the joy and rhythm of life across India.

Beads salesman at the Cape Comorin, 2013. Source: Press Photo

“In the mountains of Kashmir and Laddakh, I could communicate with people without even knowing their language. Nomads welcomed me into their tents and showed me their utensils, and treated me to salty tea and traditional flatbread chapatis,” Konorova said.

Take me to your house, 2013. Source: Press Photo

In 2010, Olga presented her work at an international exhibition in Nepal. She plans to take the ‘Beautiful Faces’ exhibition to India.

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