Red line: Geneva talks, Syrian opposition: talking to an enemy & Francois Hollande

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1)Geneva talks: taming Iranian atom 
The talks on a landmark nuclear deal with Iran, held in Geneva have reached its climax this week with most of the parties signaling they are inching to an agreement. As the next negotiating round slated for Nov.20 nears, diplomats are overwhelmed with a feeling of history being made in Geneva

2)Syrian opposition: talking to an enemy

The prospects for an international peace conference in Geneva to address escalating Syrian conflict looked brighter this week as leading Syrian opposition group signaled it may enter into the talks with President Bashar al-Assad government. 

3)Francois Hollande: is he to loose or to win

President Hollande was booed at the Armistice Day to become the first head of French state in more than half a century to be humiliated on a national holiday. While his popularity rating is hitting historic low, Hollande is raising in estimate in Israel for his stiff position on Iran. 

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