Red line: Russia-EU relations, Molotov cocktailsin Ukraine, and Francois Hollande

Every week Voice of Russia hosts a discussion about the global events as they are seen from Moscow.

In this edition:

1) Russia-EU relations: a partnership with sharp edges

President Putin has met European Union leaders at a one-day summit, which underscore both bottlenecks and high potential of the relations between Moscow and Brussels.

2) Ukraine: from fiery speeches to Molotov cocktails

After two months of peaceful rallies in Kiev Ukrainian protests turned violent and moved to the most populous and trouble-free industrial regions. 

3) Francois Hollande: love’s delusions and Turkish delight

Mocked for having an affair and facing mounting public protests, French President Francois Hollande showed he can still make tough decisions both in his private life and in big politics. 

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