Lermontov's poetry set to music? Balalike it!

Young Russian musicians paid a tribute to Mikhail Lermontov's 200th birthday anniversary by recording an album with 32 songs based on the poems of the great Russian poet.


1. Malinen - Dialogue


3. Radio Kamerger - Svet uznal

4. Bicycle Mist - Vechno

5. Fruktoviy Kefir - Sovet

The album Lermontov 200 Po Vstrechnoy (200 in the opposite direction) includes tracks in various genres: Indi-pop, folk, reggae, instrumental avant-garde, sound design and different forms of rock, such as punk and doom metal. Twenty-six poems were used for the recording, among which are the famous "So Dull, So Sad," "Farewell, Unwashed Russia…," "Star," and "Sky and stars." The song "Alone I set out on the road" was recorded in several English translations. There are also instrumental compositions. RBTH has selected passages from the most interesting pieces.

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