The first Russian hip-hop performers? Balalike it!

RBTH remembers the Russian hip-hop artists who appeared en masse in Russia when the Soviet government was playing its last chords.


1. Mister Maloy - Limonad

2. Lika Star - Bi-Bi-Taxi

3. DMJ - Eto Moy Mir

4. Malchishnik - V Posledniy Raz

5. White Hot Ice - Govoruny

Mister Maloy, Lika Star, DMJ, Malchishnik and White Hot Ice were pioneers in this almost unknown genre. The names became associated with the word “rap” in the minds of the Russian audience. The dance moves of these musicians could turn heads, and their lyrics were not shy of raising no-go topics of the day. What’s more, many lines from their songs are still on people’s lips today.

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