2014's most interesting songs? Balalike it!

In the first working week of 2015, we recall the five most interesting Russian songs of last year (according to RBTH).


1. Manicure - “Sunlight”

2. Mana Island - “Stare”

3. On-The-Go - “Keep Pretending”

4. La Vtornik - “Monorail”

5. Fanny Kaplan - “Radiance Prostrate”

At the start of the year Moscow post-punk band Manicure released the album “Sunrise,” the main track of which was the dynamic and lyrical “Sunlight.” This summer Mana Island went to Crimea to shoot the video for the song “Stare.” That’s worth a separate look, but even without it the track is still sumptuous. “Keep Pretending” by On-The-Go was saturated with lush sound and soulful vocals. La Vtornik’s vigorous beat and playful synthesizers in “Monorail” were uplifting. The female trio Fanny Kaplan deserves attention for their short but succinct track “Radiance Prostrate,” which wallowed in murmurs and lingering vocals.

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