Top 5 most popular rock artists from Russia? Balalike it!

RBTH presents its top list of modern Russian rock acts, whose music careers started after the Soviet Union collapsed.


1. Zemfira - “Beskonechnost”

2. Splin - “Vikhoda net”

3. Tantsi Minus - “Polovinka”

4. Naik Borzov - “Verkhom na zvezde”

5. Nochniye Snayperi - “Katastroficheski”

Zemfira has been in the music business for almost 20 years now. She became popular in Russia right from the start of her career back in 1998. Since then she has released six studio albums.

Splin released its debut album back in 1994. This event didn’t go unnoticed in St Petersburg, where the band hails from, and across the whole of Russia. Though the band has been developing constantly throughout its 13 studio albums, you can always feel the melancholic spirit of its home city.

Tantsi Minus started out in 1995. But fame came to them only four years later, when their song “Gorod” (City) was released on a compilation album. Since then the band has never left the Russian charts.

Naik Borzov was a punk rocker during the 80s. In 1992 he started his solo career. He stopped playing punk music, but still some of his songs were banned. Probably that’s the reason why he became famous.

Nochnye Snayneri (Night Snipers) started as an acoustic duo in 1993. Five years later the band became bigger and started playing electric guitars. But the lyrics have always been the most important part of their music.

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