Best new Russian music videos? Balalike it!

The latest Russian music videos worth watching

It’s hard to imagine music without video art, especially in 2016. So, RBTH searched for and found the best recent Russian examples of sound and visual art coming together.

Noize MC released the song and video “Save My Speech” in the memory of Russian poet Osip Mandelstam, who would have turned 125 on January 15.

Mujuice and Zemfira have supported their new single “Come Back Home” in a lyrical way, but not exactly with words: the song’s lyrics are all depicted with moving images.

Therr Maitz’s sophisticated video “Doctor” is full of black and white shots, slow motion and silhouettes that succeed in conveying the atmosphere of the song.

Dasha Lux presented a huge undertaking in her video “When We Are Closed” featuring plenty of things to see, think about and remember.

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