Konstantin Stanislavsky: theory and practice of theater

Russia Beyond looks at the man behind the legend and explains his method of staging productions and training actors, which is still actively used a century later.


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 Jonathan Bex, Great Britain, founder of the Moscow English Theater

Andrei Malaev-Babel, USA, Adjunct Professor of Theater, New College of Florida

 Monica Santoro, Italy, actress at the Pyotr Fomenko Theater in MoscowHarald Rozenstrem, Norway, actor at the Moscow Gogol Center
Raul Rodriguez, Uruguay, guest tutor in GITIS University, MoscowCecile Plaige, France, actress at the Moscow Meyerhold Center
Martin Wuttke, Germany, winner of last year's Stanislavsky PrizeLuk Perceval, Belgium, winner of this year's Stanislavsky Prize

We are grateful for all the assistance we received in preparing this research: Sophia Arendt, Natalia Rekushina (Stanislavsky Fund), Pavel Rudnev, Viktor Ryzhakov, Mikhail Ugarov and many others.

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