Extreme Russian roofers: on the brink of safety

Nowadays, the term "roofer" applies to people who climb roofs for fun and take photographs. 20-year-old Vadim Makhorov from Novosibirsk started out climbing up roofs, dams, and drainpipes in Russia, before venturing abroad.
For Vadim, it is both a hobby and a profession, and in future he thinks that "roofing" could become a good business.
The very new generation of the young Russian photographers have a different and unexpected way of looking at a city.
Having conquered the capital's high-risers, three "roofers" from Moscow set their sights on something really extreme. They journeyed to Cairo and, in violation of Egyptian law, ascended the Pyramid of Cheops. The plot was carried out on March 19: the “Seventh Wonder of the World” was scaled at night, with no equipment.
It goes without saying that the largest pyramid in Egypt is closely guarded. But the roofers had a plan: they entered the complex during the day with a usual ticket. But just before closing, they hid in one of the tombs nearby.
"We sat in the cold tomb for five hours, waiting for nightfall," says 20-year-old Vitaly Raskalov. It was 9pm before the guys were able to scramble out of their hiding-place. Security spotted the "extremists" on their way down. It should be mentioned that the guys took a serious risk. Given the present situation in Egypt, they might well have ended up in a local jail.
They balance themselves on the narrow and slender beams, posing on the roofs of skyscrapers, moving very close to the edge, play with their precious lives, they are the roofers.
This kind of industrial tourism is becoming increasingly popular. A tour on the roofs might well be an unforgettable journey. Adrenaline and vivid emotions against incredible views from the heights are guaranteed.
The essence of roofing is walking on the roofs. Being quite hazardous, this way of pastime has become spread in big cities. Respectively, its followers, that is, people, enjoying views that can be observed from roofs.
It is romantic for sure. There is some intimity. Spectacular views from the roof.  Everyone who is willing to get something unusual and sincere, sets off to roofs.

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