20th century Moscow stories told in pictures

Moscow Stories. XX century is made of 280 photographs of 50 leading Moscow photographers. The works of the recognized masters of genre and street photography, urban landscape and architectural photography have been collected.// Dancing in front of the construction, 1996.
Among them are Dmitri Vozdvizhensky, Nina Sviridova and many other photographers who captured our city in different time and from different angles. // New settlers, 1960s.
Photography tells not only about the City itself... // Moscow, 1960s
...but also about architecture, people and something that comes into being between them. // Colombophile, 1972
This is photography that is capable of conveying the most subtle nuances and sides of a megapolis, and the atmosphere of a big city. // Dating, 1961
What makes the Moscow of 1960s – 1990s? What did the keen camera manage to capture? Lubyanka square. August, 1991...
... or a black market next to The Bolshoi Theatre, 1992...

... or a way to Serebryaniy Bor beach, Moscow, 1960

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