"Welcome to USSR!" in soviet travel posters

Its strange to think of the USSR of the 1920s and ‘30s as a place of free travel and one with a burgeoning tourist industry aimed at foreigners. // Crimea, Ukraine, 1935.
While the USSR’s famous Constructivist propaganda posters tell one story, these posters advocating leisure, travel and general fun, tell an altogether different tale. // Leningrad, 1935.
The posters were commissioned by Intourist, the organisation responsible for foreign tourism, and while they clearly present a singular perspective, it’s quite a significant one. // Georgian military highway, 1939.
Many of the works are in the Art Deco style of the time and espouse a sense of freedom and invitation, while in some cases they present the USSR  as a gateway to the Far East. // Tbilisi, Georgia, 1939.
USSR health resorts, 1930.
Baku, Azerbaijan, 1937.
Batum, Georgia, 1936.
Central Asia, 1934.
Volga cruise, 1932.
Visit the sunny Armenia, 1935.
Caucasus, 1936.
Hunting in the USSR, 1931.
"Intourist" invites you to Magnitogorsk, 1930.
Winter in the USSR, 1935.
Summer sport in the USSR, 1936.

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