Relics of Constructivist architecture in post-Soviet & former Eastern Bloc countries (PHOTOS)

North Macedonia, Kruševo, Macedonian Partisan Memorial

North Macedonia, Kruševo, Macedonian Partisan Memorial

Darmon Richter/Getty Images
Soviet architecture is characterized by the constant search for forms: characteristics of rationalism and constructivism attracted architects striving to give houses maximum functionality.
The 'Flower' monument at Jasenovac, Croatia. A memorial to the hundreds of thousands of victims who were executed during World War II at the Jasenovac forced labor and extermination camp
Russia, Kaliningrad, 1975, The House of Soviets.

Georgia, Tbilisi, Palace of Ceremonies.
Georgia, Tbilisi, Roads Ministry. Designed by Chakhava and Jalaghania.
Russia, Yalta, Druzhba Holiday Center Hall.
Kiev, Ukraine, Institute of Scientific and Technological Research and Development.
Slovakia, Bratislava, 1983, Slovak Radio Station. Designed by Stefan Svetko, Stefan Durkovic and Barnabas Kissling.
Russia, Moscow, Moscow City Electric Power Station, under construction in 1924. Designed by Ivan Zholtovskii.
Croatia, Petrova Gora, Monument to the uprising of the people of Kordun and Banija Designed by Vojin Bakic.
Russia, St. Petersburg, State Housing Complex.
Russia, Dombai, Rehabilitation center.
Slovakia, Strbske Pleso, Panorama Hotel Ski Resort.
North Macedonia, Kruševo, Macedonian Partisan Memorial. Designed by Jordan and Iskra Grabuloska.
Russia, Moscow, 1936, Gosplan Garage. Designed by Melnikov.
Ukraine, Dnepr, Poplavok cafe.
Kadinjača Memorial Complex, Serbia

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