Climbing Elbrus, the highest peak in Russia

Climbing Mount Elbrus is a difficult task, but people take the chance anyway. But it's definitely worth taking risks to see these beautiful landscapes. The most courageous travelers climb Russia's highest even though snowfalls here are heavy, the wind is strong, and overall conditions are rough.

Southern Russia's Mt. Elbrus (5,642 meters) is Europe's tallest mountain and a natural destination for climbers attempting to conquer the world's highest peaks.
To get to Mt.Elbrus, you should first go to Nalchik (1652 km away from Moscow) or Mineralnye Vody (1552 km from Moscow). Both of these cities have transfer to the Prielbrusie resort area. You can get there by car, train or airplane.
Here, you can take a ski lift that will carry you 3800 m high. The ski lift also allows non-hikers to easily enjoy the views from Elbrus.
Climbing Elbrus starts from ropeway-station Gara-Bashi which is located at an altitude of 3850 m.
However, it's recommended to first spend several days adjusting to the altitude before attempting to climb Elbrus.
Elbrus was first climbed in the 19th century by separate expeditions led by British and Russian teams.
After using the ropeway, you'll have to walk. On your trip, you'll find mountain huts, buildings that provide food and shelter to mountaineers, climbers and hikers.
Hikers, however, prefer to find places for lodging for the night on their own. Usually they stay overnight in tents.
It's always snowy in the Caucasus Mountains. Locals aren't surprised to see snowfalls even in the summer.
It's interesting to note that Olympic torch bearers recently carried the symbolic flame up Mount Elbrus in the run-up to the 2014 Winter Olympics in nearby Sochi.
The Caucasus Mountains are remarkable due to the fact that they are located in more than one country. Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia are all visible from the summit of Elbrus.
It takes more than 5 hours to reach the peak. However, the Caucasus have many other peaks and cliffs to climb.
In addition to the clean mountain air and spectacular views, the mountains are worth going for their views on a starry sky.

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