Extreme sledding on the slopes of the Ural Mountains

Sledding is a traditional Russian winter activity. But the real fun begins when you add a pinch of extreme to it.
Extreme sport specialists from Red Bull are frequent guests in Russia and they demonstrate a variety of breathtaking moves.
The track reminded spectators of a huge half pipe. The participants’ goal was to get as high as possible on the other side of the tube.
There is no such thing as a Russian that doesn't love to travel fast, wrote the famous author Nikolai Gogol. Indeed, in winter you have to move fast - otherwise you'll freeze.
Go as fast as you can - this motto united those that participated in the contest “Sani udalye
20 teams competed in the contest for maximum speed on the slopes.
84 meters (276 feet) of downhill sledding at temperatures below -15C (5F) – now that’s what we call Russian extreme!
The winning team, Golden Dragon, reached a speed of 70 km/h (43 mph) and climbed 56 meters (184 feet) high.
The lone female team, Dream, managed to override most male teams and came in 2nd place.
Some riders were awarded for their distinguished sled design.
...while others garnered the spectators’ affection for their outstanding outfits. Winter is indeed the best time of year to release your inner beast!
This time it was the daredevils from the Urals and Siberia that put on a show.

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