Smoking is healthy: Soviet cigarette advertisements

How smoking was widely promoted in USSR.
Soviet style propaganda posters were the main form of advertising used for cigarettes.

In many regions people used to roll their own cigarettes. In the early Soviet period a large company was launched that promoted smoking and encouraged Soviet citizens to buy cigarettes in packs. At the same time the tobacco industry was getting more powerful and there were many kinds of cigarettes, including special ones for women (pictured).
The text on the bottom: Everyone smoke! (Курите все!)
Young women offering cigarettes. Bright colors, smiles and large letters – all were used in the sales pitch.
The Mosselprom Building (pictured), a notable constructivist structure, was a place where all kinds of cigarettes could be purchased in Soviet times. The building still could be found in alleys near New Arbat street. The Moscow Rural Cooperative Administration was located here.
A happy Red Army soldier smoking the cigarette brand, “Fun.”
“Smoking is harmful to your health.” Does this sound familiar? Few people are aware, but smoking was widely promoted in the Soviet Union from 1923-1929. For example, prizes were offered to consumers: the purchase of cigarettes offered smokers a chance to win a horse or a cow.

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