Instaweek: Russian Miss World in a wheelchair in heels

Taking a close look at the Instagram account of Ksenia Bezuglova.


Ksenia Bezuglova from Russia is the winner of Miss World-2013, mother of two daughters, member of the Russian Guardianship Council for Social Issues, model for the Russian brand Bezgraniz (Borderless) Couture, and motivational speaker. She often participates in TV talks, radio programs, and travels around the world.


She has 99 responsibilities and the wheelchair has never stopped her. Eight years ago Ksenia was involved in a serious car accident, confining her to life in a wheelchair. However, she is still active and does millions of things to inspire people never to give up. Ksenia won the first prize in Miss World-2013 for women in wheelchairs, and since then has promoted the interests of disabled people in Russia.


She participates in TV shows and radio programs, holds lectures, writes for magazines and websites, works in a Moscow office, and actively enjoys sport. Did you know that disabled people go parachuting? If not, you do now.  


Although many cities in Russia are working to become more disabled-friendly, little has been done so far. Ksenia draws attention to the everyday problems faced by people in wheelchairs across Russia.







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