Fried sausages, tattoos and wicker hearts: Russian-style romance



St. Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated all throughout the West, is gaining ground in Russia too. At this time of year, love is in the air everywhere — even the Moscow Metro broadcasts romantic poems by Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov and Anna Akhmatova. Starry-eyed Russians make Valentine cards for their beloved, alongside the traditional roses and chocs. Here are some original confessions of love made by Russians and published on social media.

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The day begins by cooking a romantic breakfast for the “other half” — you can’t beat heart-shaped fried eggs and sausages.


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They've really put their heart into this one.


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Love is like a jigsaw puzzle — takes time to piece together but worth it in the end.

Tugging the heart-strings: Russian weavers don’t just do baskets.


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The heart isn’t the only body part marked by eternal love


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When the best gift is you yourself.

Loved-up motorists came up with an original Valentine's celebration. Flash mobs took place across Russia with drivers parking their cars in the shape of a heart.

Love affects all ages.


Sometimes amorous messages are unexpected and anonymous.

Weddings are for declarations of love

And flowers for your sweetheart


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Because love is ... love!

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