Summer as seen by Russian artists

10 summer paintings showing how Russians enjoy this wonderful time of year
Russian artists spent their days drawing summer, depicting the beauty of blossoming nature, of people harvesting, of sunny weather, of gentle strolls in the woods, of silent villages in the evening, of making jam with seasonal berries and of bathing in the river./Peasant dinner during harvesting, 1871, Konstantin Makovsky.
A Northern idyll, 1886, Konstantin Korovin.
Russian village, 1889, Vasiliy Polenov.
The last rays of the sun. Aspen forest, 1897, Isaak Levitan.
Summer, 1919, Konstantin Somov.
At summer, 1939, Petr Konchalovsky.
At the end of summer RBTH chose 10 paintings showing how Russians enjoy this wonderful time of year./The Volga lagoons, 1870, Fedor Vasilyev.
Summer in Russia is extremely short. Back in the times, it was the season of work and play, in the Far North the sun never went down./Grandma's garden, 1878, Vasily Polenov.
The summer splendor and happiness can be admired all year round thanks to these delightful paintings./A birch grove, 1879, Arkhip Kuindzhi.
To work, 1921, Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky.
Summer province, 1922, Boris Kustodiev.

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