Photo of the day - October 18, 2015
Fashion week October 19, 2015 Moscow Fashion Week October 18, 2015 Tango in Kazan October 17, 2015 Livadia Shkotovsky area October 16, 2015 Yury Oorzhak, a shaman representing the so-called Adyg Eeren (Bear Spirit) October 15, 2015 Ethno-cultural complex in the Aldyn Bulak area October 14, 2015 cosmodrome October 13, 2015 Three Sisters October 12, 2015 Putin and Ecclestone at the Formula 1 in Sochi October 11, 2015
'Made in Russia' fashion week in Moscow Argentine tango festival starts in Volga region

Models present Russian designers' creations during the Moscow Fashion Week

Moscow Fashion Week


Models present creations by Russian designer Maria Shosheva during the Moscow Fashion Week, in Moscow, Russia.

October 18, 2015

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