Muscovites stepped in the Max Planck Science Tunnel

Editor - Stakheev Vladimir, photos -, music - Plurabelle - "Ropes"

The Max Planck Science Tunnel international multimedia exhibition runs till 3 May 2013 in Moscow as part of the Year of Germany in Russia. Organised by the Polytechnic Museum in collaboration with Germany’s Max Planck Society, it is intended to demonstrate how science and technology can change life throughout the world in the coming decades.

The Max Planck Science Tunnel  takes you to a journey through the major issues of basic research, from the origins of space, the idiosyncrasies of the wonder that is the brain, to the vision of sustainable energy supplies. Objects, illustrations, interviews, films and experiential media spaces of augmented reality provide an introduction to the topics, offer insights and create a network interlinking future technologies.

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