Hard to be God: unique backstage photos of last film by Alexey German

The movie "Hard to be God" will be presented to a mass audience in a final dubbed version in Rome. German will be posthumously awarded the Rome Film Festival’s award, a Golden Capitolina Wolf for the his “contribution to cinema”.

The film was made along the lines of the eponymous story of the outstanding science fiction writers, the Strugatsky brothers. The plot unfolds on a planet with medieval mores: wars, gangs, and the struggle for power over people affected by the most terrible disease on the planet: ignorance. Earth sends progressive observers to the planet who should turn the young civilization’s history into a peaceful one. This story can be understood as fantasy and a black satire on Soviet history, as well as a philosophical statement.

Work behind the lens started in the 1990s and continued for more than fifteen years. The main character’s actor, Leonid Yarmolnik, explains: “Why was it filmed for so long? Because he thought, ‘did I think this up right, was everything thought out right?". In February 2013, German the elder died. The director’s friends and family continued work on the film. 

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