Art objects made ​​of straw: How a farmer became a sculptor

Real works of straw art can be found along the highway in the Grachevsk region near Stavropol (900 miles from Moscow).

Editor - Pavel Gazdyuk, photos - Alyona Ulianova, music - Ally Calvine

The idea belongs to farmer Roman Ponomaryov, who turned out to be a sculptor. His melon field is now surrounded not by scarecrows, but art objects. The first is a bear, which, Roman says, he made ​​in 40 minutes. It was modeled on a regular picture from the Internet, with straw, pegs, ropes, and spray paint as the materials.

The next exhibit is a straw bull. The chief architect, as 17-year-old future programmer Alexei Kharin is now called on the farm, made ​​it in two days. It didn’t come out right first time. But in the end he managed to impart the likeness of a bull to his creation.

The straw menagerie in fact stands next to a real zoo — an aviary with ostriches, which visitors can feed with grass.

Another attraction is the triangular watermelons. They are grown in special Plexiglas frames. The glass has to be 8mm thick, otherwise it would break. The watermelons need to be turned over every day, which of course affects the price. A triangular watermelon costs 5000 rubles ($140).

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