The world in images on the walls of Yekaterinburg’s buildings

Yekaterinburg was the site of the fifth largest international festival for street art in Russia, Stenograffia.

Editor - Pavel Gazdyuk, photos and text - Daria Kezina, music - DJ Rostej

Throughout the month, dozens of famous artists from around Russia and the world went there to leave their mark on the streets of the cultural and industrial capital of the Urals. 

Graffiti artists call Yekaterinburg the “Russian capital of street art ”. This is the place where Russia’s first street art gallery appeared. It’s also where one of the founders of Russian street art, Starik Bukashkin, lived and worked. His works are stored at the British Library’s Department of Rare Books in London.

This year, the festival’s tone was set by a composition by Yekaterinburg artist, Slava PTRK,  entitled “Cooperation”. The giant hands that reach towards one another on the steps of the city embankment have become part of the city’s landscape.

The festival’s most mysterious and long-awaited guest was the legendary artist Sam3 who comes from Madrid. The Spanish artist worked in the pouring rain and left behind four works of graffiti in the forms of mysterious “shadows” on buildings in Yekaterinburg’s industrial periphery .

A permanent fixture at the festival, Kharkiv-based graffiti artist Andrey Palval, flew to the Russia’s Urals from Ukraine despite the tense political situation between the two countries. He shocked the city’s residents by leaving a 15-meter image on a five-story residential building of the first man in space, Yury Gagarin , holding a dove.

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