Wooden model of Mir space station to expose at Burning Man

The Cradle of Mir is a 36 feet tall pyramid containing a 1:3 scale wooden model of the space station Mir. This massive art installation was created by a group of Russian artists for Burning Man 2013.

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The creators of this installation will be the first Russian participants of the art festival that is held every year in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The sculpture raises an important question: "Have humans ever created anything that would matter to living beings from other planets, to the Universe or even to planet Earth?" Russian team of artists, engineers and producers will try to prove, that people can come together, eliminate borders and visas and live happily. If only they come up with an idea to build something so great that it affects every person on the planet.

"Mir" is a Russian word meaning both "peace" and "world". The space station Mir was an amazing example of human cooperation and friendship. Mir was launched in 1986 and orbited the Earth for 15 years. The station has been visited by astronauts from 12 different nations until 2001, when it was sunk in the Pacific Ocean, near Fiji.

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