Chanterelles & soft salted cucumbers

RBTH and our cook Yuri Stefanov are proud to present our cookery video podcast. Today we're going to talk about a favorite ingredient in Russian cuisine — mushrooms and make some chanterelles with potato in sour cream. And the recipe of soft-salted cucumbers, which goes perfectly with the mushrooms, will be a little bonus.

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Chanterelles & potatoSoft salted cucumbers

Chanterelles - 500 g

Onion — 1 pc

Sour cream — 1 large spoon

Thyme — 1 pair of sprigs

Rosemary — 1 pair of sprigs

Potatoes — 6 medium pcs

Dill — 1 sheaf

Cucumbers - 1.5 kg

A mix of black currant, cherry,

horseradish, dill leaves — 1 pc

Garlic — 2 heads

Salt — 2 tablespoons per liter 

Russians are very fond of picking mushrooms in the woods. It's not that popular in other cultures, but in Russia we all love it. What do we usually do with mushrooms? Soups, salads, various grills and pickles. Today let's make some chanterelles with potato in sour cream. In addition, we'll talk about soft-salted cucumbers which is an ideal supplement for potato. Being easy to prepare, these dishes are very basic but very classic.

Watch the video and unveil Russian cookery secrets! 

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